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Professional development in digital teaching and learning

DigiTeL pro is about professional development for digital teaching and learning.

The COVID-19 crisis has made universities switch to digital education and to re-organize their campus. University staff experience this as a disruption, requiring an extreme workload to adapt to the situation. They need to reach out to relevant expertise in organising quality online education. 

This is where the DigiTeL Pro Strategic Partnership (Professional Development for Digital Teaching and Learning) comes in. It brings together experts from universities, well-known for research and innovation in digital education and having developed good practices in digital solutions.

Digitel Pro now offers a course programme in:

- Synchronous hybrid education
- Blended education
- Online and distance education

Synchronous hybrid education

This course introduces you to the conceptual, pedagogical and technical challenges of hybrid synchronous learning and teaching and prepares you to use hybrid models yourself. Hybrid synchronous learning is often regarded as the most flexible form of education. Yet, there are important pitfalls and a lot of instructional design choices have to be made. This course wants to help higher education institutions, including policy makers, teachers and ICT support, to make thoughtful decisions. The full course includes 6 modules, each module consists of one Synchronous Hybrid session and additional asynchronous learning materials. Each module demands an effort of 3-5hours. Synchronous sessions are organized in Flanders, but remote participation in possible from any location.

Blended education

This course is about how to design and develop blended education and teaching (a deliberate combination of online and offline learning activities).  Based on what we've learned from COVID Teaching you will apply concepts to adapt to a more inclusive and engaging blended learning experience, through guidelines and pedagogies leading to mature and high-quality education.

Online education

This course provides strategies and resources to successfully design and implement teaching and learning solutions in online environments. The course encourages reflection and active participation."No matter if your teaching model is going to be fully online or just a part of your hybrid model, this course will help you to understand the principles and the logics of the different elements interacting in an educational online environment.

The DigiTel Pro partnership brought together advanced “schools” in research, innovation and good practice in synchronous hybrid (KU Leuven), blended learning (TU Delft) and online and distance learning (UOC, OUNL, UNINETTUNO).

Experts developed online courses on models and guidelines for the design, development and delivery for each of these three predominant formats in a post-COVID perspective. The courses are in line with the most recent research and innovation. They include the student perspective that enables students' readiness for digital teaching and learning. 

The aim is to provide an excellent opportunity for continuous professional development (CPD), primarily for course and curriculum developers and for all those who support teaching staff and learners, secondarily for leaders who direct these processes in higher education. Relevant post-COVID issues are addressed, e.g. activating learning, interaction and collaborative learning, inclusiveness and assessment and feedback. The courses not only address immediate needs, but guide universities towards sustainable, high-quality digital education for the future, including continuing education and professional development. The courses also cover innovative models of multi-campus and international education and blended and virtual mobility.
The program can be integrated into institutional or national continuous professional development initiatives, as well as European Universities (EUI) alliances.

The project is funded under Erasmus+ Programme, 
KA2 - Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
KA226 - Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness

Project Number: 2020-1-NL01-KA226-HE-083080 
Project Duration: 24 months 
Start date: 01-04-2021
End date: 31-03-2023
Coordinator: European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU)