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Online Education

The DigiTel Pro Course for Online Teaching and Learning provides strategies and resources to successfully design and implement teaching and learning solutions in online environments. The course encourages reflection and active participation."No matter if your teaching model is going to be fully online or just a part of your hybrid model, this course will help you to understand the principles and the logics of the different elements interacting in an educational online environment.

From the foundations of distance education and its different pedagogical approaches and the different role that teachers have to play, to the learning design of a course, the way you can orchestrate your classroom when moving to online, how to assess and evaluate, and what are the emerging trends and technologies that will let you to innovate in your teaching. The active, participatory and collaborative methodology of the course will provide you with a good background and a number of tips to manage online teaching and learning.

As online teaching is not just to broadcast your lessons through a video-lecture, the resources you will find in this course will let you feel more comfortable and successful when facing online teaching and learning using different technologies appropriate to each situation from a critical perspective.

Who should take part in this course?

This course is designed for anyone involved in the transition to blended or online course and curriculum development and for leaders steering this process, encouraging or promoting online distance education, even at conventional universities.

How to re-run the course in your own context?

Guidelines and resources are available on the Zenodo Community DigiTel Pro - Online Teaching and Learning. With this information, you can re-run your own course.

For researchers: learning from the literature review on Online Learning Education

A first literature review on online education materials pre- and post-COVID-19 pandemic was completed. The first part of the review pretends to provide a not exhaustive synthesis of contemporary research carried out during the first phase of the pandemic (mainly 2020) on the challenges and conditions generated by migration to online education. The second part takes into account the literature oriented on the impact of COVID-19 on higher education and the design and development of online and distance learning courses thanks to the expertise of online education institutions and the collection of good practices.  

For support, staff and educators: a compendium of best practices

A compendium of best practices from the three institutions (UOC, OUNL, UNINETTUNO) involved in the DigiTel Pro – Online teaching and learning course has been presented in order to present three different models to do online research.