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Blending your education

In 2022 TU Delft offered the first run of the course Blending your Education. This course is about how to design and develop blended education and teaching (a deliberate combination of online and offline learning activities). Based on what we've learned from COVID Teaching and in the EMBED project learners apply concepts to adapt to a more inclusive and engaging blended learning experience, through guidelines and pedagogies leading to mature and high-quality education.  

By the end of the course you will be able to: 

  • Design, develop, and offer a blended course for campus students, incorporating best practices, experiences, and learning theories 
  • Redesign courses to be more inclusive and engaging based on what we learned from COVID experiences in teaching 
  • Implement blended learning solutions for your own situation using the EMBED model 
  • Evaluate your course and create a course improvement plan 

The course has a modular structure and will be designed in alignment with the needs of universities, strong educational concepts and relevant learning objectives.  

The course will cover different themes in 7 modules with a range of videos, articles, quizzes, discussions, synchronous sessions and other interactive activities. Any module can be taken independently, although we advise you to follow the course sequence.

Who should take this course? 

This course is designed for anyone involved in digital campus course and curriculum development and for leaders steering this process, encouraging or promoting blended learning. 

How to re-run the course in your own context?

The course resources, additional supportive documents and use guidelines are available on this page and available as user guidelines PDF and aim to support teaching staff, learners involved in course and curriculum development, and leaders who direct these processes in higher education in reusing the course (resources) in other contexts.

Get access to the course contents and course export package

The course resources are available as OpenEdX course export package, including all the contents as offered in the OpenEdX course platform used to offer the first run of the CPD course Blending your Education. Consult the user guidelines to find all appropriate links.

For Learners: Get a realistic impression of the course via TU Delft OpenCourseWare

The course can also be found as TU Delft OpenCourseWare ( Where the course export package offers the rough course contents focused on the option to rebuild the course in a separate course platform, opencourseware displays the course content for learners or teachers who are not able to rebuild the course themselves. TU Delft OpenCourseWare however does not provide interaction with the contents or teaching staff, but rather offers users a realistic impression of the course for reference.

For Educators: Learn how to reuse, rebuild and teach the course

The teacher manual contains references where to find the resources, how to create a course from the resources, how to teach the course, how to run the webinars connected to the course, how to grade participants and how to cope with local certification of the course when adopting this course in your institutional context or personal situation.

For Researchers: Learn from literature research into blended learning during Covid-times

An initial literature review was conducted on blended learning during COVID times, resulting in guidelines for support for emergency educational shifts. These insights are shared via an article and the CPD course Blending Your Education.

Blending Your Education: Lessons Learned During COVID

For support staff and educators: Compendium of selected best practice training materials and/or resources for CPD for blended teaching and learning

The Digitel Pro report IO3A2 lists a selection of existing best practice training materials and resources for continuous professional development for COVID 19-proof blended teaching and learning in the partnership. Point of departure are materials already used during the emergency period and from training events for the EMBED project, including the FutureLearn MOOC “Making blended learning work”. All are related to maturity dimensions, eg activating learning, interaction, flexibility, inclusiveness and the student experience

In different categories resources are listed and each resource contains a description of the resource (what is it) and of the value of the resource for Covid 19-proof teaching (how can it be used).