Synchronous hybrid education

This course propels you to different learning environments with simultaneous online and F2F-presence. We tackle the concept of hybrid learning & teaching, discuss student engagement in this context, and help you understand the spatial and technological needs. Our principal aim is to enable you to make informed decisions on how to merge the social component and the learning objectives & activities with an increased desire for flexibility. 

The Synchronous Hybrid Learning & Teaching Course is delivered by KU Leuven and can boast the active contribution of its ITEC research group which has gained European and worldwide acclaim.  

There are six modules each representing a five hour study load, including the respective synchronous hybrid moments (approx. 2 hours per moment). Some synchronous moments are mandatory, but all can be attended online or on campus. After completion of all modules a certificate of participation can be obtained.  

Who should take this course?

This course is designed for anyone involved in digital campus course and curriculum development and for leaders steering this process, encouraging or promoting Hybrid Synchronous teaching and learning. 
Also, those involved in technical support and realizations can improve their understanding of educational needs.  

Course details

  • Start date:

                                                                                       March 2022

  • Fee:


  • Enrollment closed:

                                                                       Limit has been reached

  • Length:

                                                                                            14 weeks in total, 6 modules

  • Effort:

                                                                                               30 hours in total, 3-5 hours/modules                       

  • Enrollment requirements:


  • Expected Prior Knowledge:


  • Max. number of participants:

                                                       No limit

  • Instructor(s):

Planning modules

  • 1. Conceptual challenges:

    11-13 PM (CET)
    Kortrijk, Belgium

  • 2. Pedagogical challenges:

    11-13 PM (CEST)
    Kortrijk, Belgium

  • 3. The complexity of hybrid learning environments:

    11-13 PM (CEST)
    Kortrijk, Belgium

  • 4. Technological challenges:

    11-13 PM (CEST)
    Leuven, Belgium

  • 5. Effective scenarios in a hybrid synchronous setting,

    10-13PM (CEST)
    to be confirmed-Bruges

  • 6. Synchronous Hybrid teaching DIY:

    10-13 PM (CEST)
    to be confirmed-Ghent

Course overview

Conceptual challenges: Defining Terminology: Synchronous Hybrid Learning & Teaching

Hybrid finds its peers in such terms as blended, hyflex, comodal, synchronous and online teaching/learning which doesn’t make for a clear understanding but rather spikes misconceptions and confusion. This module will define a sound meaning for synchronous hybrid learning & teaching as a starting point for this course. We also discuss its added value to your course design and the differences with a traditional face-to-face setting. 

Pedagogical challenges: Student Engagement in a Hybrid Setting

You learn why engagement matters, especially in the context of synchronous hybrid learning and how to generate it through different modes of interactivity. 

Unravelling the complexity of effective hybrid learning environments

Using the ACAD Framework this module delves into the social space that learning requires in a synchronous hybrid learning context. How can you influence this in your behavior and teaching? How to work on a sense of belonging in respect to the remote and on campus participants? How come some learners tend not to actively participate? 

Technological challenges: Learning & Teaching Space: Toolset Perspectives

Interface is key in this module. Synchronous hybrid learning & teaching questions resources, both technical and spatial. Together we critically compare some set designs and how learning spaces influence teaching and learning. 

Effective Scenarios/Protocols in a Hybrid Setting

This module offers several scenario’s and good practices of synchronous hybrid learning & teaching. In these scenarios we focus on their design, the alignment of activities and objectives. Learn from the practice of peers and get inspired. 

Workshop Synchronous Hybrid Learning

Whatever the future spells or the present dictates, it’s a good idea to practice creating your bespoke setup for a synchronous hybrid learning & teaching context. This workshop has you (re)design a course of your own using the previous modules. 

Certificate of attendance

After completing the course you will receive a certificate of attendance.


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